4 Reasons to use Simply Sold for your Next Home Project

  • August 16, 2017

At Simply Sold, we are perfecting the home renovation and remodeling process by making it as efficient and seamless as possible. Whether you’re a home owner, realtor or designer – we can make your next project a breeze. The home renovation process can be full of phone calls, scheduling, hiring, more phone calls, rescheduling and rehiring with a long line of subcontractors who tend to work at their own pace. Simply Sold relieves your stress by making residential projects easy.

1. We’ll help you organize your project needs/tasks

Schedule a free walk through with one of our experiences project managers. From there, we can help you lay out the project from start to finish. We will work with you to make a list of every possible task that needs to be completed for a successful home sale, improvement, or renovation. We can even help you find design inspiration and provide suggestions that will make your next project uniquely yours.

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2. Have one point of contact instead of dozens 

Here’s where it gets easy. Rather than researching contractors and making all of the calls to different contractors yourself, leave it to the experts. Call Simply Sold, and schedule a free walkthrough with your one point of contact. You’ll receive your own onsite project manager who walks through your entire project with you. Your contact will stay the same through the duration of your project. Having one person in charge of your project allows them to focus on providing undivided customer service and utmost care of your home’s unique needs.

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3. Sign a detailed contract and get your project started immediately. 

Within 2-3 business days of your initial walkthrough, you will receive an estimate and detailed projected timeline. You can edit and change the timeline as you see fit. Seal the deal by signing one contract for all of your project needs and avoid weeks of unneeded paperwork.

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4. Relax and have your home, your way. 

With our handy team of vetted subcontractors on hand, we will manage and complete your project down to the last detail. We work with local, trusted subcontractors to ensure the fastest, most efficient services for our clients. The only person you’ll ever have to talk to is your onsite project manager, who will keep you informed on that status of your home. Avoid unnecessary project set backs and delays by using our trusted in-house services.

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Don’t wait – and avoid the headache that can come with residential renovations. Call or email Simply Sold today to get started –

512-693-9340 or info@simply-sold.net


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