A Color Palette Collaboration

  • October 30, 2017

Nothing is as personal as color. Choosing a color palette is both the most important part and yet the most daunting part for many when it comes to designing their homes. At Simply Sold, we like to partner with local designers to make our clients color palettes come to life.

For Project Idlewild, we partnered with the talented Shannon Crain Design. Paint colors were purchased at Sherwin William’s paint. See the full color scheme below and scroll through to see what trim colors were used in each room.

Simply Sold Color Palettes

Soft and trendy, neutral gray’s work well with any design style. These colors allowed our client to create a clean, open feel in each room.


In the kitchen, we used Agreeable Gray with an Eggshell finish. The trim, ceiling and upper cabinet color is Swiss Coffee. Eggshell was used as a finish on the trim and cabinets. A flat finish was used on the ceiling.


The the bathroom, we used a Stonington Gray with an Eggshell finish. On the trim and ceiling, we used Swiss Coffee. An Eggshell finish was used on the trim and a flat finish was used on the ceiling.


In the living room, we used an Agreeable Gray with an Eggshell finish on the walls. For the trim, we used Swiss Coffee with an Eggshell finish. The ceiling was painted with White Whisp and a flat finish.


For the bedroom paint color, we chose Mindful Gray with a Eggshell finish. On the trim we used Swiss Coffee.

Working alongside Shannon Crain, we were able to create a cohesive color scheme. The simplicity of the gray color scheme was used throughout the home and manipulated on ceilings, walls and trim to create a clean, balanced home design.

We love collaborating with local designers to bring our clients dream homes to life! Collaborate with us, as a designer or home owner, on your next project by visiting out website or reaching out to info@simply-sold.net.





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