Mitch’s Magenta Remodel

  • September 25, 2017

Project Magenta is the perfect example of a fast, efficient and harmonious renovation process. Our project manager Mitch was able to work directly with the client and our trusted sub contractors to execute a simply perfect bathroom renovation. Mitch checked on the home once daily throughout the week to ensure things were moving as planned. He was also in contact with our vendors, providing progress updates to the homeowner, managing materials and the renovation timeline. These quality control checks ensure that all the moving parts are being managed with attention to detail and the work is completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction.



The renovation process started with a complete demolition. We started by demoing the shower surround and shower door. We were then able to remove the existing bathtub. Once that was removed we can then remove the tiling on wall and bathroom flooring. The client wanted to keep her existing bathroom vanity, so we were able to remove all of these items while keeping that in tact.



Once demo is complete, we can fabricate and install the new tile flooring. Our client picked out a great porcelain stoneware tile and a beautiful free standing bathtub for the remodel. Once the tile is laid, we install the bathtub and cap the current bathtub drain and move it to the proper location.




Before getting started on the shower walls, the shower pan was built, tested and approved for use. A framed in shower niche was built in and approved by our client before hardi backer installation began. Next step was to waterproof the walls and prep for tiling. The last touch was the shower door glass!

Photo Jun 29, 12 03 21 PM

Photo Jul 05, 10 17 55 AM

We were able to brighten up the space by installing two new vanity lights and giving the bathroom a full repaint. The bathroom remodel is now complete and the home owner is simply satisfied with the final outcome.

Photo Jul 31, 11 04 31 AMPhoto Jul 31, 11 05 21 AMPhoto Jul 31, 11 04 48 AMPhoto Jul 31, 11 09 25 AM

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